The Cursed Ashtian – Chapter 1

It rained on the day Mother would join the gods. Raian stood, arms tight around himself, and looked like a boy shivering in the cold, when he felt like burning. Beside him, his older brother rubbed his nose, but Raian couldn’t tell if he was crying. Suppressing it, maybe, just like their father. Raian sniffled,... Continue Reading →

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Fantasy Maps : Black & White No fantasy book is complete without a map. These are both maps for my own projects: Captain of Fortune and The Cursed Ashtian. Lantha is a simple map, showing where all the major cities and towns are located around the country. Valen has more detail, with roads and forests... Continue Reading →

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Journal of Captain Elias Vonn Oaken

Taken from the journal of Captain Elias Vonn Oaken. The month names have been switched for more understandable names. There are less months in the year but they're longer. The Lanthian year runs from April to December. I hope you enjoy getting a peek through new eyes at the history of the pirate ship Starling and her... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Ashtian – Chapter 5

As evening fell, Tail listened to the people filling the street for the summer solstice festival. There were hoots and hollers as a friendly scuffle started, followed by cheering and laughter. This would go on for much of the night, even more so as those marked by Ashta got drunk. Raian carefully eased his pack... Continue Reading →

Map of Chancey

I created this beat-up, blood-stained, ripped piece of gorgeousness for K. A. Dowling, author of The Changing Tide and The Forbidden City. Evander the Hawk is a liar, a thief, and a murderer, which makes him the one person capable of giving Emerala the Rogue what she wants more than anything–her freedom. When her razor... Continue Reading →

Full Color Map

I present to you, my latest project for fantasy writer Mandy. You can find her and her stories at her blog or follow her on Twitter For my first go at a colored map, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

The Cursed Ashtian – Chapter 4

Tail looked over her shoulder at Raian as she walked away, left him staring at nothing with a thousand thoughts swimming in his eyes. The worried furrow on his brow set an alarm bell ringing through her head. She hiked up to the shrine to pray to the god Ashta for guidance. Flowering vines curled... Continue Reading →

Captain of Fortune

Roanna LeRoux has many names: Lady Luck, Sin of the Sahirah, the Captain of Fortune. But her secret to success as a pirate has nothing to do with luck. Roanna can manipulate water and scry into her future. When she sets her sights on a marvel of a ship, she finds herself with a valuable... Continue Reading →

Kip Becomes a Pirate

The day had started out so promising. Blue skies. The high barrier islands made for nice scenery. Ocean mist relieved the crew from the hot sun as they worked on the back of the ship. And like the rest of the crew, Kippar had thought nothing of the other ship as they first came alongside.... Continue Reading →

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