Maps.LogoFantasy Maps : Black & White



Country of Lantha – Captain of Fortune
Valen – The Cursed Ashtian
Tenaria – Aiella’s world by @sloopjonb1960

Fantasy Maps : Colored

The above maps recolored to get that nice antique feel.

Chancey – The Changing Tide by K.A. Dowling


Lantha_Final_SepiaValen Antique



Valen Country Color

Beddigan Color

A FATHER’S FIRE by P.G. Fogarty

Urban Fantasy Map

New Ashta is the start of my hero’s journey in THE CURSED ASHTIAN, so I figured it would be a good start to practice my town maps!

New Ashta2

10 thoughts on “Cartography

  1. Those are awesome! I particularly liked the style of Valen and Chancey, but all of them are stunning. And New Ashta is beautiful! I have made a map for my own world of Pearseus, but I confess it’s nowhere as good as yours!

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    1. Oh thank you so much! Valen is for one of my own worlds as well. New Ashta is actually part of that world. I just designed the cover for the novel, so perhaps I’ll get the ball rolling on publishing someday soon!

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      1. $160. Add little more for big customized graphics and such. I’ve been meaning to post my rates for awhile, but don’t get a lot of traffic here. I usually work through Twitter, just talking to people.

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      2. You should send me a guest post with some examples. My readerships consists almost entirely of authors and they’d love to find out about you and your services. If you’re interested, just contact me through my blog 🙂

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