Map of Chancey

I created this beat-up, blood-stained, ripped piece of gorgeousness for K. A. Dowling, author of The Changing Tide and The Forbidden City.

Evander the Hawk is a liar, a thief, and a murderer, which makes him the one person capable of giving Emerala the Rogue what she wants more than anything–her freedom. When her razor sharp tongue lands her in hot water with the king’s brutal Golden Guard, she finds herself with a price on her head and nowhere to run. Can she trust the cutthroat crew of the Rebellion, or is she making a deal with the devil himself?

Check out her page and support her awesome work! And let me know what you think of Alexander Mathew’s map brought to life!


7 thoughts on “Map of Chancey

  1. You and I…we must discuss cartographic goodness for my sequel to Chasing the Dragon.

    I’ve much wanted to have a map or two within the covers of the original, but it would’ve put the cost via AKDP through the roof. So, with the next installment, I’m making plans to do better, to add more content, to expand the reach of the second novel to incorporate lands mentioned in the first, as well as open up new territory (where there be Villains!).

    If you’d be amenable in the course of this year, I’d like to attempt some rough sketches and have you beautify them, turning them into these wicked cool maps, like you do.

    Do you think you’d have time?

    Thomas Weeks
    aka @SamWesthoek

    Liked by 1 person

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