Sepia Maps

Map for Sarah Ash’s TEARS OF ARTAMON series

Follow the Law and you’ll stay safe

But what if the Law is wrong?

Map for Krystal Matar’s LEGACY OF THE BRIGHTWASH

Map for K.A. Dowling’s THE CHANGING TIDE

This is mine for a WIP

3 thoughts on “Sepia Maps

  1. This may seem like a silly question, Soraya, I hope you don’t mind? But how do you decision what shape your coastlines should be? Especially for the islands? I never seem to be able to do islands right, which is an issue since my main map is all about various sizes of islands…

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    1. That’s not a silly question at all, Cameron! 🙂
      When I first start with a blank canvas, I usually have a small idea of where things are going to go. But honestly, I let my brushes decide for me when it comes to shapes. I use various cloud brushes in Photoshop to create all my coastlines. It’s all a little more in-depth than I can explain here, of course.
      A great thing to do would be to look at real life geography in Google Earth or something. Try researching how islands form. What kind of islands are you looking for? Groups of islands like archipelagos? Oceanic islands can be volcanic or tectonic in origin. It’s all really fascinating!

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      1. Wow, thanks!
        I’ve got both archipelagos and oceanic islands to contend with, alongside some small continents. There’s a whole thing of many different worlds within worlds going on…
        Anyway, thanks for the advice, I shall dive into the internet and research!

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