Dragon Prince Fanart Process

Here’s a fun post so you can see how I work through digital art pieces. My latest work, Rayla X Soren from The Dragon Prince. Here’s the final piece:



For the life of me, I cannot make digital sketches. I’m still a slave to pencil and paper for that. But I don’t mind. I love drawing on paper! Haha, you can even see the drawing on the next page!


From here, I go digital. I brush hard lines over the pencil drawing and put in a couple base colors underneath. Each solid color represents a separate locked layer to work over. Then I did a solid background color and threw some trees back there. At this point I had also shifted Rayla (she was tilting to the left in my sketch, and I resized Soren’s head lol)


This next image is a bit of a leap. A LOT happened between these two snapshots. I completely colored the characters and redid all the original line work to blend them out. All that took a hot minute. Oh, and the grass.


Next step was leaves! Lots and lots of leaves. Thank you leaf brush. I worship you. Seriously. And grass brushes, lets not forget about those.


Glow it up!


And make it nighttime!


That’s my finished piece of fanart. Now I feel like I should have blurred the background trees a little… I’m never completely satisfied, but I do love this one OH SO MUCH. I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into my coloring process! You can watch The Dragon Prince on Netflix, season 3 coming soon!



9 thoughts on “Dragon Prince Fanart Process

  1. Fascinating to see a piece of art taking shape and depth.
    This one truly tells a story.
    You are quite right to love the finished product.
    This begs to be reblogged.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The sketch actually said a lot – she’s leaning away from him and from her facial expression one gathers that she’s actually a bit leery of the size of his head…”that human has a big head, as in big ego and already he thinks he owns me… we’ll see about that!”

    Liked by 1 person

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