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Hello friendlies.

My name is Soraya. My backstory: I didn’t leave my home state of Montana until I was seventeen, then my family moved to Arizona, then New Mexico, where I finished my senior year of high school. Let’s just say that, for a super shy, artsy girl, going to TWO new schools in one year was less than ideal. After that, I went back to Montana for the summer and enlisted in the US Navy. Did that surprise you? Was it a nerve-racking, terrifying experience for someone like me? Yep. Did I enjoy it? Eh… sometimes. I lived on an aircraft carrier forward deployed to Japan and I visited lots of countries in the Pacific. It was on this nuclear warship of 100,000 tons I met my husband. Now we live in Michigan where I get to be a stay at home mom and write novels all day! Sound easy? It’s really not, but I love it.

I write fantasy. Currently I’m working on a 4-part series, the first book undergoing revisions and getting prepped for beta readers and critiques. I’ve never blogged a day in my life, so follow me on this crazy new adventure!

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  1. Hi Soraya! Wow, the Navy. That sounds like such an adventure. I admire your bravery going out of your comfort zone and doing that. All the best with your novels! 🙂 Alecia

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