Kip Becomes a Pirate

The day had started out so promising. Blue skies. The high barrier islands made for nice scenery. Ocean mist relieved the crew from the hot sun as they worked on the back of the ship. And like the rest of the crew, Kippar had thought nothing of the other ship as they first came alongside.... Continue Reading →

How I Make a Map

Hello, friendlies! I showed off the completed picture of my Lanthian map to Twitter a couple days ago and got lots of fabulous feedback, so I thought it would be fun to post the progress of my work from start to finish. First thing's first, tools of the trade: My paper is multi-media art paper,... Continue Reading →

Murder on Arlington Avenue

The tavern was grungy to say the least, not exactly the kind of establishment one would expect a celebrated war hero to take his dinner. Yet there he sat, muddy boots up on the tabletop, a cheap pipe between his lips, and his eyes on the serving girl as she delivered a lavish spread of... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Ashtian – Chapter 3

  All the books in New Ashta were kept in the village’s schoolhouse, in one of the back rooms. It was a glorified closet, really, and Raian had read just about everything, from journals to volumes, packed on the pine shelves. Being the schoolmaster’s apprentice during the winter months, Raian was responsible for keeping the... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Ashtian – Chapter 2

  12 years later An old Ashtian legend said that one crescent moon passing in front of the other promised good luck. While it never worked out well for Raian, it never stopped him from trying. After three days of stalking the bear, it was a good night for glory. The forest was serene, but... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Ashtian – Chapter One

  It rained on the day Mother would join the gods. Raian stood, arms tight around himself, and looked like a boy shivering in the cold, when he felt like burning. Beside him, his older brother rubbed his nose, but Raian couldn’t tell if he was crying. Suppressing it, maybe, just like their father. Raian... Continue Reading →

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