The Surface Cities

Welcome to the setting of this year's NaNoWriMo novel! (Note: Secrets of the UnderRivers is a working title. I'm not in love with it.) Gangs of New York goes steampunk in a dried-up city where she who controls the water holds the power. Read on for a little more info on the world and story,... Continue Reading →

The Andarian Peninsula

I'm excited to show off my latest project, a country map for YA author A.C. Williams. This is for her Urban Fantasy series The Legend of the Lightkeepers. Meg Mitchell lives in a castle, but she’s no wilting princess. Raised in an alien world by adoptive parents, she spends her time fighting Centaurs, training as... Continue Reading →

Lanthian Map Upgrade

My latest project was upgrading my original Lanthian map for my WIP novel Captain of Fortune. The first map of Lantha was created about five months ago. It was also my very first digital map. As I working on my style, improved my drawing, and figured out what I like, I found myself looking at... Continue Reading →

Journal of Captain Elias Vonn Oaken

Taken from the journal of Captain Elias Vonn Oaken. The month names have been switched for more understandable names. There are less months in the year but they're longer. The Lanthian year runs from April to December. I hope you enjoy getting a peek through new eyes at the history of the pirate ship Starling and her... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Ashtian – Chapter 1

    It rained on the day Mother would join the gods. Raian stood with his arms coiled around himself, a boy shivering in the cold, when he only felt like burning. His older brother shuffled alongside, rubbing his nose. Raian couldn’t tell if he was crying. Holding it in, maybe, like their father standing... Continue Reading →

Kip Becomes a Pirate

The day had started out so promising. Blue skies. The high barrier islands made for nice scenery. Ocean mist relieved the crew from the hot sun as they worked on the back of the ship. And like the rest of the crew, Kippar had thought nothing of the other ship as they first came alongside.... Continue Reading →

How I Make a Map

Hello, friendlies! I showed off the completed picture of my Lanthian map to Twitter a couple days ago and got lots of fabulous feedback, so I thought it would be fun to post the progress of my work from start to finish. First thing's first, tools of the trade: My paper is multi-media art paper,... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Ashtian – Chapter One

  It rained on the day Mother would join the gods. Raian stood, arms tight around himself, and looked like a boy shivering in the cold, when he felt like burning. Beside him, his older brother rubbed his nose, but Raian couldn’t tell if he was crying. Suppressing it, maybe, just like their father. Raian... Continue Reading →

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