Trudie Skies

“As a fantasy writer, getting that perfect map of my world was the cherry on top of the cake. I spent some time looking for artists online and doing my own research, but couldn’t really find any artists or styles that clicked with me. Soraya was recommended to me and I was immediately impressed by her talent. She communicated exactly what I needed to know in a professional and efficient manner. Progress on my map was much quicker than I ever expected, and she offered nudges and guidance to point me in the right direction whilst working with my amateur designs and ideas. The end result completely blew me away. She brought my fantasy world to life and added in so many little details, I was getting lost just staring at it. Not only is Soraya’s art stunning, and her map designs both colorful and fantastic, but her knowledge of map design and cartography also ensured they were realistic. It’s that level of knowledge and detail which puts Soraya as a master of her craft and well worth commissioning.”

Matthew Presley

Soraya’s ability is only matched by her professionalism. Somehow she took a bunch of scribbles and haphazard notes and fashioned a real work of art that represents my world better than I ever could have conceived. I cannot recommend her enough, and you cannot find a better cartographer at even twice the price.

Daniel Dydek

Working with Soraya to develop the maps for my books was an absolute treat, and a wonderful experience. Professional and accommodating, she also did far more than just an artist’s representation of the framework I had created: she recognized inconsistencies in terrain and river flows and came up with solutions for me to consider. Every interaction was focused on balancing her skill and knowledge of cartography with the world I was trying to create. I am 100% in love with the end products, and I’m already lining up the next two maps for her to work on. You cannot go wrong with a Soraya Corcoran rendering of your world!

Ash Oldfield, The Rachaya Series

I had been nervous about hiring a cartographer because I had no idea what was involved, but Soraya made the whole process easy from start to finish. She paid close attention to detail and was flexible with her design. Soraya had great communication, with quick response times to emails. She also brought passion to the project and the map she created for me is all the more beautiful because of it. On top of that Soraya is a very talented artist and I am proud to showcase her work in the front pages of my books, as well as in poster format when I do author talks and conventions. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Robin Mahle

Soraya was amazing to work with. She really listened and worked with me, creating a gorgeous map that perfectly depicted my world.

Zachary S. Cauler

“I have always loved the maps at the beginnings of fantasy books. It seems to be a vital part of bringing the reader into your world, and so I knew a map was a must-have when I began writing my own novel. I stumbled onto Soraya’s site through sheer luck and was immediately taken with the beauty of her work. Soraya is a wonderfully kind artist and her talent truly speaks for itself. She responded quickly when I contacted her and after being commissioned, she made sure to keep me up-to-date during the entire creation process, showing never-ending patience when I would ask to change something. The end result was gorgeous as I’m sure you can see in her portfolio and I can say with all certainty that I will be returning to her when the time comes for my next map.”

A.C. Williams

I’m so happy with the map Soraya made for me. She kept the whole process of creation, tweaking, and finalizing easy and not stressful at all. Plus, it all went so fast! I got a completed, colored map of my fantasy world—exactly the way I wanted it—in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to share it with all my readers and fans. Thanks, Soraya!

Dylan Byford, The Lost Archive

“Within a few hours of contacting Soraya, I had a first draft of a chart in my inbox, working to my specifications. Soraya was very responsive and was able to adapt to what I was looking for, namely a planet / moon chart in an archaic style for my sci-fi universe. We discussed ideas and Soraya gave some very knowledgeable advice on what could look good, sharing examples and different versions. I’m hugely happy with the result and would highly recommend Soraya to other writers!”

Mandy Lambert, Author of The Adventures of Beddigan T. Mouze

“Working with Soraya was an absolute dream! It was the perfect pairing of her asking insightful questions about the world I had created, and taking the reins to fill in the gaps where I wasn’t sure.
I was not only impressed by her talented art skills, but her cartography/geography skills as well. If you need a map created for any reason, she’s the one to do it!
I’ll definitely be working with her again, and if you get the chance to, you absolutely should.”

P.G. Fogarty

“I was lucky enough to chance upon Soraya’s map designs and was blown away by her talent. I wasted no time in reaching out, quickly hiring Soraya to design the map for my upcoming fantasy novel. I sent a large amount of detail (including my childish sketch), and within a matter of days she had made sense of everything and brought Orza to life. The world she created was entirely familiar to me, yet exceeded my expectations on every level. Soraya was entirely professional throughout, responding to emails in a timely manner, and always with clear and concise information. Her after sales service is A1. Can’t wait to work together again in the near future!”

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