Ian Gregoire

I was impressed with the examples of Soraya’s work I’d seen online, so I was hopeful she could produce an equally impressive map for my next novel. I’m pleased to say she did a great job for me, far exceeding my expectations. Not only was the quality of her work exceptional, her communications with me […]

Tina LeCount Myers – The Legacy of the Heavens

Working with Soraya was an absolute pleasure. She transformed my vague imaginings of a map for The Legacy of the Heavens trilogy into a stunning work of art that I know my readers will appreciate for its detail and creative touches. Soraya is a consummate professional who has both patience and vision in the iterative […]

Kimberley Cale – Solis Series

What can I say about Soraya hasn’t been said before? Her creative talent, artistic flair, attention to every detail, communication skills and timely response times made working with her on this project an absolute dream. She took my pathetic scribbling for my fantasy/romance series map and made magic. To see her take my ideas, expand […]

Joshua Jones – Little Legends RPG

“I hired Soraya to be the cartographer for our tabletop roleplaying game. Over the course of four months she hand painted a gorgeous 24″ x 36″ map from nothing more than some lore and a previous doodle. The end result exceeded expectations on all accounts. The map had character, visually told a story, and was […]

Trudie Skies

“As a fantasy writer, getting that perfect map of my world was the cherry on top of the cake. I spent some time looking for artists online and doing my own research, but couldn’t really find any artists or styles that clicked with me. Soraya was recommended to me and I was immediately impressed by […]

Matthew Presley

Soraya’s ability is only matched by her professionalism. Somehow she took a bunch of scribbles and haphazard notes and fashioned a real work of art that represents my world better than I ever could have conceived. I cannot recommend her enough, and you cannot find a better cartographer at even twice the price.

Daniel Dydek

Working with Soraya to develop the maps for my books was an absolute treat, and a wonderful experience. Professional and accommodating, she also did far more than just an artist’s representation of the framework I had created: she recognized inconsistencies in terrain and river flows and came up with solutions for me to consider. Every […]

Ash Oldfield, The Rachaya Series

I had been nervous about hiring a cartographer because I had no idea what was involved, but Soraya made the whole process easy from start to finish. She paid close attention to detail and was flexible with her design. Soraya had great communication, with quick response times to emails. She also brought passion to the […]

Robin Mahle

Soraya was amazing to work with. She really listened and worked with me, creating a gorgeous map that perfectly depicted my world.

Zachary S. Cauler

“I have always loved the maps at the beginnings of fantasy books. It seems to be a vital part of bringing the reader into your world, and so I knew a map was a must-have when I began writing my own novel. I stumbled onto Soraya’s site through sheer luck and was immediately taken with […]