Trudie Skies

“As a fantasy writer, getting that perfect map of my world was the cherry on top of the cake. I spent some time looking for artists online and doing my own research, but couldn’t really find any artists or styles that clicked with me. Soraya was recommended to me and I was immediately impressed by her talent. She communicated exactly what I needed to know in a professional and efficient manner. Progress on my map was much quicker than I ever expected, and she offered nudges and guidance to point me in the right direction whilst working with my amateur designs and ideas. The end result completely blew me away. She brought my fantasy world to life and added in so many little details, I was getting lost just staring at it. Not only is Soraya’s art stunning, and her map designs both colorful and fantastic, but her knowledge of map design and cartography also ensured they were realistic. It’s that level of knowledge and detail which puts Soraya as a master of her craft and well worth commissioning.”